Designed by an artist and sewn by hand with love.
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Grunge Lyfe

"Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art."  - Kurt Cobain    Meet the Smockingbird grunge lineup.  This showcase was an opportunity to create an original, diverse collection with the pulse of the 90s.  I only owned one flannel in college, so this was a bit outside my wheelhouse!  But as an artist I'm always up for a challenge to think outside the box and create something fresh, so I turned up the music and dove right in.   Silhouettes and fabrics came together and gave way to an idea for the perfect graffiti grunge photo shoot.  My team worked with me to make the...

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Once in a Lifetime

Behind the Scenes Bird Boots Brand Rep Brands We Love Creativity Fall Fun Growing Up Smockingbird Hunter Kids Fashion Knithaus Layering Little Knit Dress Smockingbird _f _i _l _s

Hello (almost) Fall! Did you all catch the eclipse this week?  My cell phone photos didn't look like much, but someone was nice enough lend me eclipse glasses and THAT was a great view.  How remarkable that on a random Tuesday afternoon we all got to enjoy something that happens literally once in a lifetime.  It made me happy to see so many people stop whatever important things they were doing and make time to be a part of that magic.  In 6th grade our teachers took us out in a bus in the middle of the night to see Halley's Comet, another one-in-a-lifetime happening. It's...

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Making a Splash

This Knithaus drop is near and dear to my heart.  I grew up on the beach and really can't imagine not living beside the water  The smell of salty air always brings the sigh of ahhh I'm home.   The beach is my happy place.  Time slows down in the most healing way as waves roll in and out, seabirds chirp, and the warm sun crosses the sky.    Summer is drawing to a close, but these are fabrics that never go out of style when you are a beach baby.  Whether you're planning a trip or are just a water child...

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Smockingbird Photo Shoot!

Behind the Scenes Fun Girl Time Growing Up Smockingbird Kids Fashion Photo Shoot Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Texas _f _i _l _s

So this is one of the most special things, ever.  It's one of those times I realize that this little business is so much more than pretty dresses.  My friend surprised me with a Smockingbird photo shoot. Not only did Jill organize everything, get a workout photographing a group of girlies, and edit tons of photos so that everyone could have individual shots to enjoy, she opened her closet to share with all of the Smockingbirdies who came. I don't think we've ever had a Smockingbird photo shoot.  It is so sweet to see years of work come to life in...

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Four New Ways to Give Back...

Giving Back Kids Fashion Knithaus Little Knit Dress Little Knit Tunic Pretty Things RWB Smockingbird

Knithaus is back with four new pretties, four new ways to give back, and another amazing silhouette! This release we have two gorgeous racerbacks in navy and red.  These are rich, stunning colors -- a deep true navy and the best pop of cherry red.   We also have a cobalt short sleeved dress with a circle skirt that twirls for dayyyys.  And we are debuting a new tunic!  Our Little Knit Tunic features a slight high-low effect with the center higher than the sides.  They are all amazing!  In keeping with our Knithaus tradition, we are giving back with every pretty...

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