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Meet Harper and Riley

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We have been so excited to work with two new girlies this week!  Our search for Smockingbird Guest Brand Reps led us to these two cuties, and we couldn't be happier to have them on Team Smockingbird.  The girls were up for interviews and shared some of their favorites.

Harper is such a precious child!  She lives in Hattiesburg, MS and is always happy and smiling. Mom Lauren is an amazing photographer, so you've probably seen Harp on our pages before!   
Harper's Faves:
Favorite Foods: chocolate, pasta, and strawberries 
Favorite Activities: swimming, dancing, riding bikes, playing dress-up, painting/coloring 
Favorite Animals: kitties, unicorns, butterflies, and tigers
Career Goals: mommy and mermaid
Besties: Kolt, Stella, Foster, and her sister Caroline
Favorite TV Shows: Palace Pets and Eloise
Least Favorite Things: time out, monsters, and dirt

Harper also loves all things pink and sparkly, rainbows, mermaids, and a good game of hedbanz.  And twirling.  Love it!

Harper is a perfect size 5 (44",43#) and is wearing a Size 5 Songbird.  The Livie & Luca Palmas are a perfect match.  She did an amazing job modeling!    


Riley is a doll!  I want her long hair.  She lives in Covington, LA and also did a wonderful job as brand rep.  It's so fun to see Smockingbird in photo shoots all over the country.

Riley's Faves:
Favorite Foods: gummies bears, pizza, and chicken nuggets with ketchup
Favorite Activities: trampoline jumping and playing with My Little Ponies and Barbies
Favorite Animals: a unicorn of course... and cute little puppy dogs too
Career Goal: to be rainbow dash
Bestie:  her friend from school Gracie
Favorite TV Shows:  My Little Pony and Jonny Test 
Favorite Game: Minecraft 
Least Favorite Activity:  school because she prefers to play outside all day long 

Riley also loves her blankie, cowgirl boots, riding her 4-wheeler, and spending time with her granny and pappy.  And... she loves to talk all day long!  She's a social girlie. 

Riley is 44" and we sized her up in Songbird, so it fits more like a dress on her.  She could have done a size down, too!   She did such a great job with her photo shoot.  I love how she picked flowers for her pocket and hair!


We are thrilled to have had a chance to work with these little Smockingbirdies.  Harper and Riley have been darling and fantastic as brand reps, and it has been wonderful to see their enthusiasm.  We will definitely do another guest brand rep search in the future!  Stay tuned.




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