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Meet Mira... And Our New Mira Dress!

We are pretty excited about our new Mira dress!   And we adore the inspiration behind it.  Mira Grace has been part of Team Smockingbird pretty much since day one.  Her mom Jen is one of my favorite people I've never met, as we say in BSTland.  Mira is lovely and sweet, and we are thrilled to have her modeling for us!  

Mira lives in Dubuque, Iowa and just turned 5!  She in fact requested a president-themed birthday bash to celebrate.   We did a custom Smockingbird dress for her with the preamble of the Constitution hand-written all over the skirt.


Mira has a fantastic sense of fashion, can recite all of the presidents in order, plays violin, tells extinct animal jokes, and loves her dog Pony.   She is adorable, hilarious, smart as a whip, and truly one of a kind.   

Here are some of Mira's favorites, in her own words:

Favorite food: curry
Favorite color: coral
Favorite activity: swimming and drawing
Favorite president: FDR and Abraham Lincoln
Favorite book: Looking at Lincoln
Favorite singer: Woody Guthrie
Favorite holiday: Halloween, Christmas, Presidents' Day
Favorite person from history: Rosa Parks
Favorite game: president poker
Favorite dog: Pony
Favorite place: visiting relatives
Favorite bird: smockingbird!

Our Mira dress is sweet and sassy, just like Mira.  The skirt is full and twirly, with a fitted bodice and strappy straps.  It is a fresh take on the sundress . . . and you will want one for every summer day!  

The fit is truly fantastic.  This pattern took several edits but it is very TTS and fits like a glove.  It's more or less knee-length, but the adjustable straps let you play with the length.  Here are the sizing details. 

Our first Mira dress, FernGully, features earthy florals and a bright blue bodice.  The flowery fabric is seriously to.die.for.  Set your alarm and catch one tonight at 8 EST... and most importantly, send pictures!  



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