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Melissa: Mama's New Best Friend

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If you've been stockpiling Mini Melissa for your girls (and we've seen some AMAZING collections!), you already know about the ultrasoft rubber fabric and craveable bubblegum scent.  You definitely need a pair (or five) for yourself!  Melissas are the most comfortable shoes.  They will be your new best friend. 

Clockwise from the top:  silver sparkle zig zags, rose gold fitas, black sparkle papels, rose gold zig zags, black sparkle zig zags, gold sparkle papels, black fitas.  Not pictured: matte gold fitas and grey sapatilhas are on the way!

Fitas, papels, sapatilhas and zig zags are all made from the Campana mold, so you'll wear the same size in each style.  These are shoes you want to be snug, as they will meld to your foot.  If they're too big they will slip off and possibly cause blisters.  So, if you are between sizes, size down.  For example, my foot is 9-9.25" and I wear an 8 most of the time in other brands, occasionally a 7.5, but size 7s (9.25" insole) fit me best in Melissas.   Here's the length of the Campana insoles:

Size 5: 8.75"

Size 6: 9"

Size 7: 9.25"

Size 8: somewhere between 9.5-9.75"

Size 9: somewhere between 9.75-10"

Size 10: somewhere between 10.25-10.5"

Fitas are the thickest rubber of the four and feature a rose-like weave. Papels are sort of chainmaille weave.  It is a thinner fabric that fits like a glove.  Amazing!  In both styles the insole comes out, and I love that the cut of the toe comes down a little lower on your foot, and both have extra soft/flexible fabric.  For wider feet, definitely start with one of those two styles.

Zig Zags are the classic Melissa style with a fun zig-zaggy pattern all over.  They are also a thin fabric but the toe doesn't come down quite as far as FItas and Papels.  The fabric is slightly more rigid and has a finished edge at the toe..  They will work really well for narrow feet.  Zig zags work fine on average feet, too, but the opening starts at the widest part of your foot (not that that stopped me from ordering several colors, it's just a different fit).  Sapatilhas are a very open, loopy pattern that shows more of the foot.  Really cute!  All are great options and SUPER comfortable. 

Don't be afraid of the sparkly ones.  Trust me, I'm not generally a big fan of glitter and sparkle for mamas.  But they aren't overboard, and they are fun and look great in the sun.  I get so many compliments on every style.  It would be hard to pick a favorite... and my closet shows it.

Happy shopping!

xo Smockingbird

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