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Livie & Luca Sizing & Shipping

Livie & Luca Smockingbird Spring

The first few shipments of spring Livie & Lucas are here, and they are gorgeous!  We are loving the vibrant colors and fun new designs. 

The shoes are shipping to us in unusual chunks this season.  Rather than have you wait until we have your entire order in-hand, we are shipping shoes as they arrive.

We have already shipped all of the preorders for petals, skippers, pios, baby shoes, and rose, cornflower, and pearl ruche.  In the next week or so we should receive the yellow ruche and cartas.  We will keep you updated on our Facebook page as more Livies ship, arrive, and head to you!

Now that we have a few styles in hand we wanted to share our thoughts on how everything fits.  One Smockingbirdy has narrow feet, and one has wide feet.  So far both are wearing their true size in everything.   Here's how size 9s line up in the four styles, top and bottom:

From left: ruche, pio, skipper, petal.  The ruche, pios, and skippers measure 7" in length.  The petals are 6 3/4" long.

Ruche and skippers are on the honeycomb sole.  Pios are on the turf sole.  Both soles are true to size in length with a slightly more generous fit in the toe area.  Both soles are very true to size in fit.  Here are the different sizes of ruche and pios with the length of the soles from heel to toe:

Petals are on the trac sole all the way to size 13 this year and are generally very true to size (sort of the gold standard in shoes).  Previously sizes 10-13 were on the less popular wavy sole, so that's great news!  The trac sold is fitting slightly smaller in the larger sizes.  We are still in our normal sizes 10 and 11, but some girls normally sizes 10-13 are sizing up just in case.  Here's a picture of the different size of petals and the length of the soles from heel to toe:

You're always welcome to request a measurement if you're not sure which size to order.  Other improvements to the petal design: the seams are protected to prevent chafing, the d-ring on the strap no longer touches the foot, and the straps are long enough to stay looped in the d-ring without rethreading every time you put them on.

We hope you love your new Livies!!



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