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Playing with Food

Creativity Growing Up Smockingbird Recipes

Some of you know that when I'm not designing, sewing, and doing all things Smockingbird, I also make a living as an artist.  And I am a bit of a foodie.  So I was delighted to run across Samantha Lee.  She makes the most amazing (and healthy) artistic food creations for her little ones.  I was seriously impressed.  What a great way to introduce new flavors and encourage clean plates!  For the less artistically inclined, she posts ideas/directions/ingredients on her Facebook page.  Not everybody is going to do this every day, but what a fun idea for here and there. 

Here are a few favorites:

Be inspired, surprise your little with an amazing bento box school lunch, or have a great conversation piece at dinner.   Follow Samantha on Facebook or Instagram -- you won't be disappointed.




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