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Ditching Black Friday for a Halo

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Black Friday has become so crazy that I'm not a big fan.  I love the hunt for a bargain and scoring great prices on amazing products.  But it's hard for me to get behind a holiday where people trample each other for DVDs, skip family time and Thanksgiving dinner to stand in line for days, and fill up their carts with excessive CRAP in the name of a sale.  I also feel it's pretty rotten when stores open on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the competition, essentially trading their employees' holiday for profit.  It's consumerism at its worst.

Between my strong feelings on the subject and our transition to a less is more, quality over quantity lifestyle, it isn't difficult for us to steer clear of the malls on Black Friday.  But rather than simply avoid the madness, we wanted to do something positive, instead.

We had SO much fun hopping aboard the #lovetrain on Valentine's Day.  The Smockingbirdies loved making Valentines and packing up some goodies for less fortunate children at St. Jude's.  And now there's an opportunity to spread more joy.

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OurLittleLifeStyle and Co., the same team behind #lovetrain, is spearheading #myhalo this winter.  #Myhalo benefits the Pediatric Ward at Los Angeles County Hospital.  We definitely will be participating and sending festive cards and little surprises to help brighten the holidays of some west coast children!  It's a well-organized, grass roots, good-hearted event.  THAT's the kind of thing I can get behind.  What a perfect way to give back the very week we are giving thanks for all our many blessings.



Shop Black Friday if you wish.  But please read up on #myhalo and consider participating.  It can be as simple as sending a card.  You'll even be entered to win some amazing prizes.  Everybody wins.   Everybody can join in the fun.

There's power in numbers and power in kindness.   Put on a halo and help make a difference in the lives of children this holiday season.  #bethankful #spreadjoy #makeadifference #myhalo2014



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