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All the Fun of the Fair

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The Smockingbirdies are a very important part of the team here at Smockingbird so when one of them has a momentous occasion happen we HAVE to share it with y'all.  And what bigger occasion in the life of a pre-schooler than when you turn 3?

The theme for Mollie's birthday party was "all of the fun of the fair" and it was a great excuse to get the bouncy castle that my husband has been coveting for some time now.

It really was such a simple theme to go with for an outside party, as the kids were kept busy going from activity to activity and the parents and "sparents" could simply relax with an adult beverage while keeping an eye on all the goings on.

We had a ring toss, tip the can, a rollercoaster, the bouncy house, and of course pick a duck.


Decoration was simple paper bunting stitched across so that it would hang, which was so festive and I wanted to keep it year round.

The wonderful Ticket Booth was created by the ever talented Amy who also provided an enormous amount of cotton candy!

Food was easy hotdogs on the grill, ice-cream, popcorn, and sno-cones.  My fab friend Arrin arrived with some mouthwatering homemade soft pretzels.  (They tasted even better later in the evening when all the little party goers had left!)

And the birthday girl wore the beautiful Joyce dress from Well Dressed Wolf as we couldn't pass it by - it fit our theme so perfectly!

She thoroughly enjoyed her big day, and despite reminding us all day that she wasn't one anymore, she slept like a baby that night.



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