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All Things Positive

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I love that there are so many fun positive message tees available for kids right now!  If your little one is going to wear a t-shirt, why not have it be one with sweet words of encouragement - inspiration - all things positive?   Here are a few of my favorites. We aren't above mixing up our boutique pretties with a little Tar-Jay here and there, and yesterday we scored the softest ever top.  Inspire Someone Today.  What a perfect goal for the day!  I love it.  It's long and lean and looks amazing with black leggings.  I seriously wish it came in mommy sizes!! I've been eyeing a few online...

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Ditching Black Friday for a Halo

#lovetrain #myhalo Black Friday Giving Back Our Little Life Style Positive Smockingbird Thanksgiving Winter

Black Friday has become so crazy that I'm not a big fan.  I love the hunt for a bargain and scoring great prices on amazing products.  But it's hard for me to get behind a holiday where people trample each other for DVDs, skip family time and Thanksgiving dinner to stand in line for days, and fill up their carts with excessive CRAP in the name of a sale.  I also feel it's pretty rotten when stores open on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the competition, essentially trading their employees' holiday for profit.  It's consumerism at its worst. <img src="" /> Between my strong feelings on...

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#lovetrain Fun Giving Back Growing Up Smockingbird Love Our Little Life Style Positive Smockingbirdies St. Jude's Valentine's Day

In case you missed the scads of posts and photos on our Facebook page, Smockingbird has been busy with something extra special this week. <img src="" alt="photo 2 (4).JPG" /> We're all about paying it forward at Smockingbird.  Our business philosophy itself is pretty much that: do the right thing and the money will follow.  So we were excited to hear that NewDayNewDeals was organizing the #LoveTrain2014.  All aboard the LoveTrain, y'all! Joining the #LoveTrain was easy peasy.  Children across the country made handmade valentines and picked up festive goodies to send to children at St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital.  What a...

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