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Baby It's Cold Outside! Smockingbird Black Bean Soup

Growing Up Smockingbird Recipes Smockingbird Winter

This winter has been crazy cold!   It's been fun to experiment new soup recipes.  This black bean soup has quickly become a household favorite. It's one where you really can't go wrong by substituting or adding a little more or less of this or that depending on what's in the fridge.  We like to color and cook outside the lines here at Smockingbird.   Chop up some garlic and veggies.  I like to use carrots, celery, red/orange/yellow peppers.   Saute in saucepan with some olive oil until the garlic is aromatic. Add three cans of black beans.  I like the seasoned ones.  Mash them into the...

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Playing with Food

Creativity Growing Up Smockingbird Recipes

Some of you know that when I'm not designing, sewing, and doing all things Smockingbird, I also make a living as an artist.  And I am a bit of a foodie.  So I was delighted to run across Samantha Lee.  She makes the most amazing (and healthy) artistic food creations for her little ones.  I was seriously impressed.  What a great way to introduce new flavors and encourage clean plates!  For the less artistically inclined, she posts ideas/directions/ingredients on her Facebook page.  Not everybody is going to do this every day, but what a fun idea for here and there. ...

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Hello Crock Pot, Good to See You (Smockingbird Chili!)

Chili Crock Pot Food Growing Up Smockingbird Recipes Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Winter

It's that time of the year...  Changing leaves, crisp air, entire lines of suede shoes, football games, layers of boots/scarves/trendy coats, festive holidays, Saturdays spent circling toys in the Sears catalog, and of course, the CROCK POT. In this house the crock pot lives in the pantry much of the year.  When fall arrives, it gets a pretty good work out for several months.  It might be the one appliance that gets used the most.  We love to fill up the crock pot in in the morning, let it simmer all day, and enjoy an easy meal at night.   And it's so much fun to have the littles help add ingredients to the...

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