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News — Spring

All the Fun of the Fair

Birthday Carnival Fun Growing Up Smockingbird Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Spring

The Smockingbirdies are a very important part of the team here at Smockingbird so when one of them has a momentous occasion happen we HAVE to share it with y'all.  And what bigger occasion in the life of a pre-schooler than when you turn 3? The theme for Mollie's birthday party was "all of the fun of the fair" and it was a great excuse to get the bouncy castle that my husband has been coveting for some time now. <img src="" /> It really was such a simple theme to go with for an outside party, as the kids...

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Juggling All Things Mom: Don't Should on Yourself

Birthday Carnival Growing Up Smockingbird Less is More Life Lessons Smockingbird Spring Well Dressed Wolf

I have been having this conversation a lot lately.  That usually means life is trying to tell me something. In the past few weeks I've talked with several friends who are struggling to get through their to-do list.  Regularly.  To the point where they are feeling tired and overextended and sort of missing out on enjoying life because they are so busy going going going.  And it's not that any one thing on the list is unmanageable, or that everything on the list is necessary.  It's more of a failure to prioritize the important stuff, and a need to get comfortable with saying no.  It happens to the best of us.  Me too....

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Boden Boots Brands We Love Girl Time Hunter Layering Livie & Luca Matilda Jane Mixing it Up Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Spring Tarjay Toms

It's that time of year that feels like a giant seasonal mash-up.  Snow followed by warm sunny days.  Frost on tulips.  Torrential cold rain and then the most perfect weather imaginable.   We've been bouncing all over the winter to spring spectrum. A number of packages were waiting for us after some time out of town, so we decided to do a little fashion mash-up of anything and everything the mailman brought.  It's fun to mix it up with different brands and styles and see what works.  If your rule of purchase is to buy only pieces you love, there's a good...

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Livie and Luca Sizing

Brands We Love Livie & Luca Shoes Sizing Spring

With all the cute shoes in the Livie and Luca spring and summer lines, we are receiving a number of questions about how the different styles fit, particularly since Livie and Luca doesn't offer half sizes.  So Smockingbird decided to do a shoe line-up to compare the fit of different styles. <img src="" alt="sizing.JPG" /> The big picture:  Sophie comfortably wears size 10 in every style.  This is good news because in past years certain styles (Cartas in particular) ran a good half size bigger than the rest.  The sizing is much more consistent this year. The details:  We measured the soles of a size...

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Extreme Couponing 101

Boden Brands We Love Bunnies Growing Up Smockingbird Horses Shopping Spring

Everybody loves a good deal, right?  We do, too.  This week was one where all the stars aligned and made for an amazing deal!   How about... $10 shipped for this Mini Boden skirt?!  It's adorable, this season, and $54 less than retail. <img src="" alt="Boden1.jpg" /> If you're not familiar with Boden, check it out.  It's not handmade, but it's quality playwear.  I know a little horse lover who is going to squeal when she sees this skirt. <img src="" alt="pony.jpg" /> So here's how the whole couponing thing works. Remember that Rue La La promo I mentioned last week?   This one let you pay $35 for a $50 voucher...

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